Home delivery pizza menu in Palma

If you are looking in this moment for a pizza offer in Mallorca, in our pizza menú you can find the best pizza offer for you. Anytime, if you are alone , in the office, have free time with your friends, family or partners, we have our home delivery pizza menu in Palma.

If you are alone, a perfect option is the Menu 1. This menu has a medium pizza to choose, a crunchy nachos with cheese and a drink to choose or beer. ¿Are you with friends or family? For this reason we have more options that we are going to explain.

For a pizza offer in Mallorca for two persons we have the menu 2 and menu 3. They are an awesome options if you want enjoy your home delivery pizza with an economic price. The menu 2 has two small pizzas (26 cm each), delicious nachos with cheese and two drinks to choose or two beers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more variety option you can choose an extra large pizza to share with two or three persons, in addition to argentinian pies and a Pepsi (1l) o beer (1l).

¿Do you or your partner like good food? No problem. We have another special menu for this case: the menu 4 will be ideal. This home delivery pizza menu in Palma is bigger than the menu 2. In addition, the menu 2 has two medium pizzas to choose, a delicious nachos with mozzarella cheese and two drinks that you can choose or beer. In fact, you can share this menu with two o three persons, it depends on the hunger that you have.

Pizzería with home delivery menu in Palma: home delivery pizza menu in Palma.

Our pizzería with home delivery menu in Palma has the next most demanded pizza offer in Mallorca: the menu 5 is perfect for a meeting with friends or family. It has 2 extra large pizzas and four argentinian pies (more than 10 variety to choose), furthermore one Pepsi (1l) or beer (1l) to drink. This menu is perfect for four persons. ¿Would you like more information about our pizzeria with home delivery menu? Don’t hesitate in contact us at +34 971 70 38 61 or by e send us an email at pizzeriaportarevia322@gmail.com.

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