Special offers of pizzas in Mallorca

In our pizzería Portare Via, we have special offers of pizzas in Mallorca, you can enjoy fabulous offers on your own, with family or friends. We have individual and group options and a large selection of pizzas and pies.
Enjoying delivery food in Mallorca can be a palatable activity whether alone at home watching a nice film or also it is a good option if you are in company with friends or family and you fancy some special offers of pizzas in Mallorca with the assurance that you will be satisfied with the delivery, the food and service of pizzería Portare Via. Even when you are at work and you need a break, the best option is to order by phone or on-line on our web page one of your favourite pizzas, pasta or pies.

Delivery food: Special offers of pizzas in Mallorca

For sure you’ll agree that often it feels great to order some delivery food at home to give yourself a well – deserved treat troughout the week. You can choose between pasta, pizza or pies, the best option to eat an artisanal and quality pizza is pizzería Portare Via. If you want to eat delivery food with special offers of pizzas Mallorca you will have the best quality ingredients in pizzería Portare Via.

We will bring you our delivery food in Palma de Mallorca to your home, office or where do you prefer. Our delivery areas are:

Area 1: San Agustín, Cala Mayor, Cas Catalá y Marivent
Area 2: Génova, Porto Pi, Portals Nous y Bendinat.
Area 3: Gomila, Sa Taulera, Bonanova y Costa d’en Blanes.

Therefore, if you live in our delivery area, we will bring you our delivery food. You should know that we offer the best quality products and a fast delivery food in Palma de Mallorca.

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